Book a Private Workshop Now!

We are so excited you are considering Sawdust & Paint for your private workshop. Our workshops allow groups to select a location and time that works for them!  We currently are only booking workshops at your location. Fingers crossed for a public space SOON!
These workshops are perfect for girl's nights out, mom's night off, bridal showers, birthdays, neighborhood gatherings, team sports mom's, corporate events, fundraisers or any other fun reason to get a group together and create!
  • All you need is covered tables for easy cleanup
  • Most parties last roughly no more than 3 hours
  • We help guide you step by step!
  • We provide all of the materials needed from start to finish.
  • Each guest will leave with a beautiful, classic wooden piece to adorn his or her walls!

Every Host Receives Benefits!

The hostess will get a $20 credit towards the design of their choice. The credit is a “Thank You” from us for all of the hostess’ work following up with party guests and ensuring that all of your orders are in on time! Also, if any of the hostess' guest books a party within 24 hours the hostess will receive a $10 credit for their sign if they attend their workshop! (To receive your $20 credit, the 6 minimum sign order is required)
Minimum Requirements: 
  • 6 full priced sign minimum ($25 or more)
    • For workshops that are more than 40 minutes away from zip code 44417 then the minimum is 10 full priced signs or $25 traveling fee.
  • Sign Designs:
    •  We allow everyone to select whatever design they would like. No limits. We do also offer custom designs for an additional $10 upcharge.
  • Party Deadlines:
    • Party links will be closed for ordering 1 week before the party to ensure we have enough time to prepare everything in advance for your party. 

We come to YOU and provide all of the materials, tools, and instruction. We only ask that you as the hostess provide tables, chairs, and table coverings.

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